SEO Trivia

The farther, the website promotion becomes a more complex event, which forces optimizers to pay more attention to even the insignificant little things that are in SEO. In the history of seo-promotion, there are many facts that those little things that exist now tomorrow become the most significant factors. In addition, webmasters and seo optimizers, which take into account even minor details in their work, have good advantages over competitors. The first SEO blog is one of the best ways to promote your site. So, what you need to consider in SEO in order to achieve good results from the search engine optimization process of a web project.

1. Separate the words in the URL page with a hyphen, not an underscore. The thing is that underscores for search engines are a symbol of separation, like a period. Thus, keywords separated by underscores will be a collection of “keywords,” not a keyword phrase. In addition, the page address, separated by a hyphen, is easier to read and remember. You may also be interested in facebook event page, more detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the link.

2. The title of the article should be enclosed in the h1 tag. Even the fact that they constantly talk about it, and there is a large amount of information on the account, most webmasters ignore this seemingly trifle. Although it has a great influence on the promotion and promotion of the site. The h1 tag is a major factor. According to it, the search robot determines the keywords and topics of the page.

3. The page title is simply required to contain keywords and phrases. In the ranking process, search engines pay much attention to the words contained in the headings. If there are no keywords in the heading, the page will be present in the search results for those queries that are not key to it.

4. As has been said more than once, keywords should be placed as close as possible to the beginning of the title. The weight of the page title depends on this.

5. Supporting tags, such as h2 — 3, serve as a factor in additional search promotion. Most often, their help is especially needed when the page of a site is moving on midrange and treble queries. The h2 — h3 tags indicate the subheadings in which the keywords are located.

6. An additional factor in search engine promotion is the highlighting in bold or bold type of keywords and phrases.

7. The weight of the page also plays a large role in SEO promotion. The search robot gives more preference to those pages of the site that have more informative information, rather than code.

8. At present, the web-master should pay attention to website promotion using graphic images. When placing images on pages, you need to make keywords appear in the alt tag.

Not forgetting about all the above little things SEO, you will get a good effect from the promotion and promotion of the site.

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